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“Just like all of us, a pretty snowfall brings the child out in us,” Dallas police Maj. “You can just imagine the excitement between his wife and his brother and himself as they were enjoying the snowfall.” Moments later, the snow was stained by blood as al-Jumaili retreated to his far northeast Dallas apartment nursing a gunshot wound. Police released new details about al-Jumaili and the slaying Friday, but they said they still have no leads and know of no motive for al-Jumaili’s seemingly random killing by two to four unidentified young men.

Before embarking on the story of Christianity in the Sudan through nearly 1500 years we need briefly to study the thoroughness with which that story has been studied.

Every age has its prophets - thinkers or agitators whose ideas shape civilisation for a generation or more. Matthew Sweet identifies 40 thinkers with followings Prophets no longer need worry about being without honour in their own country: according to most of today's futurologists, the nation state will soon be a thing of the past.

So might the British countryside, the job, liberal democracy and the difference between biology and technology.

This is how prophets should be: cranky but persuasive, on the borders of acceptability.

They can't all be right; it's doubtful whether all of them are wrong.


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