Young adult rodeo chat

We want to have regular meet-ups a couple times a month where we can get to know each other, chat and have some fun.

We’d like to alternate between meeting in a local spot to mingle, have discussions and grow in our faith to going on outings together and having an adventure.

Amalie wrote: "Hi I\'m somewhat a new member here so I hope this is not a repeated discussion.

I don't think a book like Boy In the Striped Pajamas can be called a children's novel although the character is only nine year old.Author: Amelia Kahaney What it’s about: Anthem is a sheltered girl from a wealthy family, lured to the wrong side of town by the handsome and dangerous Gavin.After they run into trouble, Gavin disappears and Anthem winds up dead, only to wake up in a dirty lab with a new, super-powered heart.After doing a little too well on a nationwide exam, he is recruited by an elite private school where he finds that he’s not the only one with special abilities.What we think: Fans of fast-paced adventures will love to follow Will as he dodges mysterious men in black sedans while trying to figure out whom he can trust at his new school.Our church, The Tabernacle of Hope (non-denominational), encouraged us to start this group and fill a need for all those that feel as we do.


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