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Plus more about Jim Carrey, Tim Daly, Crystal Bernard, Mel Brooks, Tom Selleck. But you will learn first-hand of the recovery process of not only suddenly losing a spouse, but one in the public eye and how the media like to spin things to make it all the more agonizing.

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And more of her on set stories from Splash, Too and especially Wings.

Instead, we lost him and our loss is so much less than the loss felt by his loved ones.

I adored this book and read it in one long sitting. As I read, I was impressed by some of the clever lines, but there would be the odd sentence that let me know there really was no ghostwriter here.

I grew up with Three's Company and those memories are part of my life, part of my growing up.

Every time I saw him in an interview I felt he was a good, warm person. I didn't watch 8 Simple Rules, because I think I took for granted that this still young man would have time and many other roles, and that I'd catch up with this show eventually.


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