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NET Data Provider for Teradata to load data into the Teradata Database or retrieve data from the Teradata Database.It is used to specify the session characteristics such as Session Character Set or User Id when including a Td Connection. This class contains information about the file that was specified in the DDL statement to create a function (e.g. The information that it contains are: name of file, type of file, source language of function.I need to do the Select and Edit in the code behind because I have to change schema prefix in the sql statement depending on the current user.I have the data grid and I have event handlers for edit and cancel but an odd thing happes: I have to click the Edit link twice for it to work and I need to click the Cancel link twice for it to work (the first postback does call my funcs but does not have any effect on how the grid looks -- I have to click ...The typical scenario might be a list where you can toggle certain options or where you can fire an operation that otherwise updates the data that's underlying the grid.Tabi birde Veritabanı yönetim sisteminizde Northwind veri tabanı olduğunu varsayıyoruz.

Once they typ ein the value and hit Update I need to check what they typed in.

In this example, I am going to retrieve values from categories table of Northwind database. Drag a Grid View into the Web Form and assign Data Key Names property with the primary key column i.e. In the gdview_Row Editing and gdview_Row Deleting event, we have used the below code to retrieve categoryid from datakey of Grid View, int catid = int.

The event handler receives an argument of type Uni Row Updating Event Args containing data related to this event.

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